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Born Free 9

Well, we successfully made it through another year of Born Free! We brought back all of our bike builds and wood wall displays, this year showcasing our new products that were once prototypes at BF8 like our Fairings, some new pegs, and LED lighting. We had a very healthy turnout with lots of audience participation between our Handlebar fit station (fitster), and our spin the wheel game where people could win stickers, make a pin at our pin station, win a tshirt, or receive a raffle ticket. Also new to this year was our first $60 peg sale which caught lots of interest (for good reason!) We can’t wait to see what we come up with for next year!

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New Product Alert! Fairings

Introducing the Burly Brand line of fairings: The unique universal designs can be used on most applications with a 5 ¾” headlight and include everything you need to easily install and get out on the road. The fairings are made of high quality molded ABS and paired with an opaque impact resistant acrylic windscreen for strength and durability. Included with all fairings is a universal mounting kit consisting of black powder coated heavy duty steel brackets with a range of adjustability fitting 35mm-49mm forks.

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2007 FLHX Dirt Bagger

           Based off an 07 Harley-Davidson Street Glide, we set out to create something to the best of their knowledge, hadn’t been done before: an MX-Style Bagger Build. Already sporting a selection of “off-road MX-style” pegs that fit Sportster and Dyna models, the next product to make it’s way down the chute for us had to be something for the HD Touring models, thus leading to the MX-Style Floorboards.

     With the MX Floorboards molding the shape for the build, we took the rest of the bike in a flat track direction with a variety of our own parts including 13” Bagger Bars and an accompanying cable kit, a prototype headlight grill, the aforementioned floor boards and a prototype shift and brake lever. Other parts included on the build are: dual 19” Performance Machine wheels and components, Dunlop flat track tires, a Mustang seat, a one-off exhaust and fuel-pak from Vance & Hines, and a killer paint scheme by “Paint by Smokey” to tie it all together!

     Once we got the bike dialed in, the next step could only be taking it to the track to get it sideways and prove it’s not just SHOW but also GO! The one and only Jimmy Burnouts was the man for the job after winning at Costa Mesa Speedway Harley Night on his Street Glide with street tires. This is a guy that knows his way around a performance based Bagger after all!

     With that, the Dirt Bagger was taken to Milestone MX first for some glamour shots and then later is when the fun began. Jimmy showed up with all his MX gear ready but there was one problem; the track was not paved because the tractor broke the week before. The wind was howling and it all seemed like it was going down hill fast until the biggest rocks were removed by hand and Jimmy started doing some test runs. As it turns out, with Mr. Burnouts’ high level of skill and handling, the uneven terrain was just good enough to slide around. To make it even better, the track’s conditions made for some KILLER photos and video! After what had to be more than 40 laps around that crazy track the day came to a close and both Jimmy and for the most part the Bagger, left unscathed.

     While most people’s jaws would drop to the floor at the mere idea of taking a $20k+ bike (let alone a Street Glide) onto a dirt track, pushing the envelope and going against the grain has always been the Burly Brand way.

     What’s next for the Dirt Bagger? Probably Jimmy doing what he does best which is taking it to the street to see what it can REALLY do!

Full Specifications (stock H-D if not noted):

Year/Make/Model: 2007/Harley-Davidson/FLHX

Fabrication: Jim Hogg

ASSEMBLY: Jim Hogg/Scotty Speed Metal

Build Time 3 months


Year/Manufacturer: 2007/HD

Type/size: Twin Cam/ 96ci

Builder: Vance and Hines




Rocker Boxes: Roland Sands Design


Air Cleaner: Burly Brand

Exhaust: Vance and Hines Comp Pipe

Special Features: Filet Cut exhaust





Primary Drive   


Year/Manufacturer      2007




Manufacturer Front: Progressive Suspension Monotube Cartridge Kit

Length: Standard

Triple Trees

Manufacturer Rear 13” Burly Brand Stiletto Shocks (prototype)

Wheels, Tires, and Brakes

Manufacturer Front-Type: Performance Machine Heathen in a Black-Ops finish  

Wheel Height-Width: 19×3.0” front

Caliper: PM 6 Piston front

Rotor: 13” PM Heathen Disc

Manufacturer: Rear PM Heathen Black-Ops

Wheel Height-Width: 18×3.5” rear

Caliper 4 Piston PM Caliper

Rotor 11.5” PM Heathen Disc


Color: Cocaine White

Painter: Paint by Smokey

Graphics: XR Style


Front Fender

Rear Fender

Fairing/Windscreen: Memphis Shades Dark Black Spoiler


Gas Tank/Cap


Oil Tank

Handlebars: 13” Burly Brand Bagger Bars with Cable Kit

Hand Controls/Grips: Performance Machine

Foot Controls/Pegs: Burly Brand’s NEW MX Floorboards and MX Floorboard Levers!

Headlight: Burly Brand MX Grill Headlight Grill concept


Turn Signals

License Mount

Seat: Mustang Seats Tripper Fastback


Saddlebag Latches

Speakers: Hogtunes

Head Unit

Amp: Hogtunes

Misc: Hogtunes Bluetooth





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Mandrill Garage’ 2003 HD Sportster Build

We love seeing ingenuity go into a custom build; especially, when it comes from a place where the government tries it’s best to stomp on the custom motorcycle scene and motorcycles in general. Mandrill Garage in Beijing, China recently completed their first custom build from a 2003 Sportster Build. With some really nice touches like a custom exhaust and a curved whale tank, the “Red-Eye Bitch” checks all the boxes for a gorgeous Sportster turned authentic Cafe Racer. Did we mention it features a set of our Stiletto Shocks? Catch the full writeup on Pipeburn.

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Hot Bike – Burly Brand Jail Bar and Cable Kit Install

Robert Martin from Hot Bike recently swung by the Burly Brand compound with his 2013 H-D 883 Iron Sportster to get some handlebar love. Already sporting our Two-Up Brat Seat and Tall Sissy Bar, a set of 10″ Black Jail Bars and a height appropriate T-Bar Cable Kit would finish dialing in Robert’s club style ripper. The install and look was also finished off with some quality Mirrors and Grips from Performance Machine.

Robert took the time to document the whole process step by step for any potential garage builders looking to take on this feat and are currently on the overwhelmed side thinking of all that the project entails. While not the quickest set of parts to install on your bike, we hope Robert and ourselves have streamlined the process a bit and we tried to give some helpful tips you wont find in your H-D manual! Check out the write-up on Hot Bike Web here.


2007 FXDB Snowman Dyna

We love the whole lowrider themed style paint jobs but for us this was outlaw!

Last year for Born Free 7 we debuted our “Snowman Dyna”. It featured our 12″ Jail Bars (T-Bars), T-Bar Cable Kit, MX Pegs, Mini MX Pegs, 12.5″ Stiletto Shocks and 49mm Fork Pre-Load Adjusters. We themed the bike after the Semi Truck in the Smokey and the Bandit Movie. Snowman aka Jerry Reid drove a Kenworth with in our eyes a very iconic outlaw mural orfa stagecoach robbery. We love the whole lowrider themed style paint jobs but for us this was outlaw! The bike was painted by @Waynewrecks at Adler Design and assembled by a one @ClassicJimmy. snowman-69 snowman-2 snowman-12 snowman-13 snowman-17 nevermoore-color-websized-141


BURLY BRAND x LAHD Hooligan Sportster Tracker

  1. THE PLAN:
    The plan is LAHD and Burly Brand team up to build, race, and raffle away a Sportster tracker. Brands such as Lowbrow, S&S Cycle, Ride Wright, Metzeler and Vance and Hines to contribute parts to the bike. LAHD/Burly will be racing the bike at a couple of events leading up to summer. Promo Packs for $10 include a Sticker Pack or Tire Repair Kit and include one Raffle ticket which will be available on Chop Cult and in store at LAHD. To clarify, buyers will receive a raffle ticket with purchase of a promo pack (sticker pack or a tire change kit). Promo Packs will be sold at events leading up to Born Free. The bike will be given away at an event short at LAHD on July 9th.

    So far the good people at Lowbrow Customs included a much needed Chain Conversion, Tsunami Fender and Hand Grips. The go fast gods at S&S Cycle supplied the horsepower by way of their Sidewinder 883/1200 Kit! Vance and Hines sent us a 2-1 Stainless Competition Pipe along with a HiFLow Air Cleaner. Tracker Die is contributing one if their LED Headlights. Roland Sands Design threw us a Tag Bracket for the license plate tail light solution (yes it is street legal). Burly Brand has already helped source a rear 19″ wheel but this can be swapped for a Ride Wright 18” wheel and Metzeler Tires if the winner would rather have a street tracker vs a Hooligan tracker (it’s up to the winner).

    We will swap the 13″ Stilettos for 15″ and install one of our Fork Lowering Kits for more of an aggressive stance. Our Brat seat will go nicely with the Tsunami Fender. Over the following week we will source an exhaust system and air cleaner. Check back here for build updates and raffle details.

    Here are some pictures of the bike when we picked it up at Los Angeles Harley.

    On the way home

    Out in front of the our shop

  2. Making some more progress on the build!
    The tank is off

    Exhaust is next

    Oh Jim put down the peace pipe!

    Looking more and more like a tracker now


    Ditching that stock fender!

    Ready for some new parts!

    OK! We got the S&S Cycle Sidewinder Kit and it was a breeze to install. They make it super easy and give you everything you need to get the job done. No runs to the local dealer or parts bin. Pretty damn cool!

  3. Lowbrow Customs came thru BIG with their Tsunami Fender, Chain Drive Conversion and Fish Scale Grips for the tracker. Great quality parts!

    Here is the old belt setup. YUK!

    Oh yeah! Looking good now

    It’s a chain Jim, you can do it! haha jokes It is very easy to install and get done. Even Jim can do it! He’s gonna kill me when he sees this thread


    There we go…

  4. Stephen from LAHD and Sean from Burly mocking up the TRACKER DIE Light Bar


    Making sparks to get the Lowbrow Tsunami Fender on!

    Fresh Paint on the new fender and old tank with custom LAHD Racing graphic.

     Wrinkle black spray paint motor



  5. Roland Sands Design Tag Bracket getting installed.

    Finally getting the tins on the bike!

    Last edited by BurlyBrand; 04-21-2016 at 11:00 AM.

    Vance and Hines Air Cleaner Install

    The Vance and Hines Air Cleaner provides the proper air flow needed for this race machine!

    Vance and Hines Exhaust Install

    Next up is the Vance and Hines 2-1 Stainless Competition Exhaust System

    Ride Wright Rear Wheel

    We couldn’t have done it with out the Ride Wright rear 19″ wheel! Thank you guys very much for making us a front wheel with a rear hub etc. Its not as easy as you’d think as they have to lace it up in a tricky pattern to ensure proper torque values. Thank you Sam

     Bike is done and ready to rip!

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Lowrider Softail

High Bars For Lowlifes

AM0A9587We read a variation of something like this somewhere amongst our travels and felt like it would apply for the Lowrider Lifestyle many live, ride and breathe. We recently updated our Softail with a slew of parts that is now available to help get you that Lowrider look you have been chasing.

We started out with a set of our tall California Chrome 18″ 1.25″ diameter (swedged back down to 1″ for clamp and hand control area) Gorilla Apes Hangers. Coupled with a set of our Extended Cable Kit in our new Stainless finish. The only thing left to do was to throw one of our Slammer Kit on and see how she sits. Next was to get a set of Fishtails, a killer spoked wheel set from the folks at Ride Wright Wheels. The final touches were put on by Casey at Headkase Kustom Art. We’d like to think he nailed the look we were after on the button. What do you think?

AM0A9611 AM0A9594 AM0A9589 AM0A9587 AM0A9583

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The HALF-CAF – Sportster

We’ve had our Cafe Tail Section in the market for a while and primarily only see them on Cafe inspired bikes. We were messing around with some parts at the shop and discovered that the Slammer Shocks work with the Cafe Tail Section without any rubbing or issues. Immediately we started to throw other parts at it and came up with a half Cafe half we don’t know what. We hope you enjoy!


Bikes Event

Born Free Seven

The Born Free Show is on its 7th consecutive year and it was bigger and badder than ever! That being said we stepped our game up with 10 plus bikes and a bigger booth/footprint. We invited an Elvis impersonator to hang in the booth to help out with promo items, like our “Take One Or Make One Baby” (in Elvis’ voice) button machine offering as well as our “Shirt for a Shirt” giveaway we do every year. Elvis also serenaded the booth with his Top Hit hits so you know we were having a good time! We brought and displayed a few Sportsters, the Burly Brand Bagger, our Lowrider Softail, a couple Dyna’s and even had a couple FXR’s from our buddies at Straight Up. We also debuted our Stiletto Shocks for Dyna applications on our newest BB build coined the name “Snowman Dyna” taken from the Smokey and the Bandit movie. All in all the crowd seemed to love all the bikes and had a great time hanging with Elvis. We are already brain storming ideas to top this years event, stay tuned!

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The 1 Moto Show 2015

We made it back up to Portland for The 1 Moto Show 2015. Portland is a great city with lots of awesome places to eat and hang with friends. This year the event was held in a old naval manufacturing plant from back in the day. Complete with a Steam Hammer this place screamed industrial and made for a great addition to all the high quality bike builds.

We were invited to bring the Jackrabbit Scrambler to the show and of course had to get her dirty with some local Portland mud. Found an open field behind the hotel and ripped her up proper! Rode across the Burnside bridge and thru the town straight to the show.

Here are some pictures from the weekend, enjoy!

Pics by @nevermoore & @seandel


Jessie Gentry on the Cafe Sportster

Jessie Gentry on our late model (rubber mount) Cafe Sportster up in Downtown LA. Ran around on the 4th St. bridge and messed around down by the river!
Here are the pics from the day. Enjoy-


Bikes photo

Hottie Friday with Lyndsay K.

We recently had the privilege to shoot Lyndsay on our Brat inspired Sportster.

Bikes photo

Custom Chrome BOAR Sportster

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 10.20.09 AM

Custom Crawler BOAR Sportster made by Benno’s Custom Road with our early model Cafe Tail Section and whole lot of other great parts.

Bikes How to Parts

BURLY BRAND – Rubber Mount Cafe Sportster Build

We picked up a 2007 XL 1200 with a ton of miles and a fresh top end for a great price from our buddies at Pomona Valley Harley a couple weeks back. It was a one owner woman owned with over 40,000 miles.

Got it home and put together a parts list for Cafe Sportster parts we currently offer. (Burly Brand). I also reached out to Shane at Chainsikle for a set of his rear sets and have a few undecided parts to chase down.

Here’s the list so far:
Burly Brand Cafe Tail Section for Rubber Mount Sportsters (2004+)
Burly Brand 15″ Stiletto Shocks
Burly Brand 1″ Clubman Bars
Burly Brand Clubman Cable Kit
Burly Brand MX Style Pegs
Chainsikle Rear Sets

Undecided Parts
18″ Rear wheel
Front Fairing

Managed to steal a prototype Cafe Tail Section from the engineering dept. Here are a couple pics!

Burly tail section comes with everything you need to mount up. Also as an option for the ’07 & ’08 models with a special ECM mounting bracket.

So far so good. If only the powers of osmosis would kick in this build would be done by now. Next will be to strip her down, cut her up and mount some parts.


Jim and I had some free time last Friday and busted a bunch of the major stuff out of the way.

15″ Stiletto Shocks give the bike perfect Cafe geometry!

Time to cut her up!

Roland Sands Design Fork Brace

Installed and internally wired our 1″ Chrome Clubman Bars with our Clubman Cable Kit.

Roland Sands Design hooked us up with some cool Chrome covers.

Performance Machine Renthal wrapped grips.

Cheapy little fairing from eBay looks great with the dual gauges.

Next will be to install the new Rubber Mount Cafe Tail Section, rear sets and exhaust. Stay tuned!