Hell On Wheels – Hot August Nights – Perris, CA

Hell On Wheels events are always tons of fun with good racing, crashes and even better people. There is never too many rules and nothing is really official so it’s a genuine good time! We brought out a couple race bikes and a mini bike  or two just for fun. To be honest the mini bike race was where we had the most fun!

You don’t need a flat track bike or tires, this is a Hell on Wheels event, if it’s got two wheels you can race it!

Meatball the dude behind the Hell On Wheels events is an eclectic guy who draws in all sorts of characters. It was a blast seeing all the different bikes that were brought out to race, from a pair of Indians to a crazy Knucklehead tracker and you can’t forget the goofballs on the mini’s bringing the madness! The Handshift Class was also in full effect showing what old American iron can still do. Take a look at some of the good times below.

Bikes Event LIfestyle Parts photo

Born Free 9

Well, we successfully made it through another year of Born Free! We brought back all of our bike builds and wood wall displays, this year showcasing our new products that were once prototypes at BF8 like our Fairings, some new pegs, and LED lighting. We had a very healthy turnout with lots of audience participation between our Handlebar fit station (fitster), and our spin the wheel game where people could win stickers, make a pin at our pin station, win a tshirt, or receive a raffle ticket. Also new to this year was our first $60 peg sale which caught lots of interest (for good reason!) We can’t wait to see what we come up with for next year!

Event photo

Viva Burly Brand! El Diablo Run 2017

.Biltwell’s semi-annual Mexican motorcycle adventure departs from Southern CA landing in San Felipe, Mexico about 350 miles and 6 hours of riding. This year, the El Diablo Run was a little different as it didn’t stay the last night in Ensenada. No Ensenada leg made things simpler and allowed more time for relaxing on the beach, riding excursions, etc.

Yeah it was Mother’s Day but no problemo amigo we brought mamacita with us! No palapas for us this year, been there done that. We had ourselves a room at Kiki’s Camp that was remodeled and very nice, especially after sleeping in the palapas for a couple runs and using the community showers etc. We tried to crash on the beach one of the nights. The party don’t stop until 6 in the mornin’ at Ruben’s, so it was more of a nap. 

The sleepy fisherman town of San Felipe is great. We rode, we drank, we raced and had good times. There were a few hundred of us so called “bikers”. We were welcomed by the locals with pineapple drinks filled with booze.

We spotted a few bikes with our bottle opening MX Pegs, a Touring bike with a Slammer Kit and few Sportsters with Sissy Bars and the new Voyager Luggage!

There were awesome events planned from the Biltwell crew such as the Circle Of Death, Slow Races and other shenanigans we won’t mention. It was also great riding in and around San Felipe. Some folks ventured out to find 20ft cacti and hot springs. We found epic roads, beer, sunshine and fish tacos!


Check out the photo gallery below.

Sissy Bar and Voyager Luggage coming in clutch! Thomas ensuring Mamacita that her blankets would get there in one piece.
Safety meeting…
We made it
Slow Races
Waiting for an epic sunset!
No bad days in San Felipe
Circle of Death aka Circulo de la Muerte
The infamous Cocktagon Battle
Sunset cruise
Morning sunshine! Notice the dude in the middle just waking up or throwing up rather…
A-Dee-Ose ME-HE-CO

Burly Brand at Born Free 8

This year for Born Free 8 we pulled out all the stops. We built a display wall with all of our new products in play or on the way. We also built a Street Glide into a Flat Track machine dubbed the “Dirtbagger”. Check out a few photos below! img_3608 img_3610 img_3611 img_3612



Costa Mesa Speedway Harley Night 2 :2015

We were back out at the Costa Mesa Speedway last month for Harley Night again. All of us “cool guys” ran our Harleys in our own Hooligan class and like always had a ton of fun! Roland Sands, Troy Hoff, Jason Klements, Ed Subias and myself!  Here are some photos from the event.

AM0A3850 AM0A3835 AM0A3800AM0A3811AM0A3825AM0A3805AM0A3793


If you haven’t made it out to your local track to see Flat Track racing in person you are missing out. If you have the opportunity to check out a Harley night or a run what you brung night at a Flat Track we suggest you do so at least once in your life!

Bikes Event

Born Free Seven

The Born Free Show is on its 7th consecutive year and it was bigger and badder than ever! That being said we stepped our game up with 10 plus bikes and a bigger booth/footprint. We invited an Elvis impersonator to hang in the booth to help out with promo items, like our “Take One Or Make One Baby” (in Elvis’ voice) button machine offering as well as our “Shirt for a Shirt” giveaway we do every year. Elvis also serenaded the booth with his Top Hit hits so you know we were having a good time! We brought and displayed a few Sportsters, the Burly Brand Bagger, our Lowrider Softail, a couple Dyna’s and even had a couple FXR’s from our buddies at Straight Up. We also debuted our Stiletto Shocks for Dyna applications on our newest BB build coined the name “Snowman Dyna” taken from the Smokey and the Bandit movie. All in all the crowd seemed to love all the bikes and had a great time hanging with Elvis. We are already brain storming ideas to top this years event, stay tuned!


Costa Mesa Speedway Harley Night

June 13th 2015 was the first Harley Night of the season. This year we had the opportunity to setup inside with our original Flat Track Sportsters and our newest bike the “Burly Flat Tracker Too”! The Tracker Too is a rubber mounted (late model) XL883 with a dual 19″ wheel setup made possibly by the crazy talented SK MACHINE. We threw a slew of our parts at it as expected, Scrambler bars with 2″ cut off on each side, Mini MX Pegs, Cafe Tail Section and Fork Lowering Kit, Pre-Load Adjusters and 13″ Stiletto Shocks! Minus the Lowbrow Chain Conversion the bike is a stocker!

IMG_6983 IMG_6987

Of course we (Thomas and I) had to rip our Sportster on the track. With this being Thomas’ second time on the track with his Sportster he did very well! We were neck and neck throughout the whole race. Go jail-stripes!!


All in all it was a very eventful evening. The Oxley Fam sure knows how to put on a show! For more info on Harley Night and Costa Mesa Speedway check the link here.

Event photo

El Diablo Run VI Photo Gallery

Down in Mexico, Coasters  –  Click Play for the full effect! 

Biltwell’s semi-annual Mexican motorcycle adventure from Temecula, CA, to San Felipe and Ensenada, Baja Mexico. May 28-31, 2015. This year the El Diablo Run was blast. We rode, we drank we raced! Not as much as some but just enough to enjoy the time away with friends. A few hundred of us motorcycles geeks rode down to make the trek to San Felipe, MX. We spent a couple nights at the palapas in San Felipe along with the other 400-500 riders. There were awesome events planned from the Biltwell crew such as the Circle Of Death, Slow Races and other shenanigans we won’t mention. From San Felipe we rode to Ensenada for another two nights. With plenty of great taco spots and the lobsters in Puerto Nuevo there was no shortage of good grub!

All bikes, bro’s and babes welcome. VISIT WWW.ELDIABLORUN.COM FOR MORE INFO! Check out the photo gallery below.


Event photo

Giddy Up Chopper Show 2015

Giddy Up Vintage Chopper Show is a custom motorcycle show with held in the Austin, Texas area. Nestled in the hills of New Braunfels, TX at a local Ice House the event definitely takes cues from the surrounding environment that doesn’t have you feelin’ like you are at a bike show. Lots of cool places to layout/chill and have a cold beer. Most of the locals camped out at the nearby campground and cruised back and forth throughout the day. Made the event not feel so crowded and also gave people a place to escape from the hot son if needed.

This year they raffled off a 1969 Harley Chopper and a panhead motor! It was the 2nd year of the event and our first to attend. Glad we made it out to see what the fuss was all about. We’ll be there next year for more shenanigans and good times.

giddy-up-1 giddy-up-3 giddy-up-4 giddy-up-5 giddy-up-6 giddy-up-7 giddy-up-8 giddy-up-9 giddy-up-10 giddy-up-11 giddy-up-12 giddy-up-13 giddy-up-14 giddy-up-15 giddy-up-16 giddy-up-17 giddy-up-18 giddy-up-19 giddy-up-20 giddy-up-35 giddy-up-21 giddy-up-22 giddy-up-23 giddy-up-24 giddy-up-25 giddy-up-26 giddy-up-27 giddy-up-28 giddy-up-29 giddy-up-30 giddy-up-31 giddy-up-32 giddy-up-33 giddy-up-34


Austin Speed Shop Visit

We were out in Texas for the Giddy Up Show (more on the next post) and attended the pre-party at the Austin Speed Shop in Austin. It was our first time at the shop and was stoked to see the detail that went into the setup. The shop features as a custom car and fab facility with a gift shop. It’s a cool place to bring the family, as they can see vehicles being turned into works of art. There are plenty of huge plate windows to look through while you shop for goodies like shirts and hats etc.austin-speed-shop-1 austin-speed-shop-2 austin-speed-shop-3 austin-speed-shop-4 austin-speed-shop-5 austin-speed-shop-6


Hell On Wheels Stadium Steeplechase

The Hell On Wheels Stadium Steeplechase was last Saturday March 21st at the Glen Helen Raceway or Gelen Helen as they typo-ed in the flyer and screamed about the pits by our buddy Mark from Rusty Butcher. Gelen Helen, Gelen Helen dog… Where’s my Starbucks soy frappuccino?! Anyway they held the event on the Trophy Truck Track. Boasting sweeping turns, tabletops and wide open action. Or more like dust bowl and sandy washes whatever you want to call it. The event was still lots of fun as we always make the best out of it and like to give Hayden and Mr. Ball a hard time.

We even managed to drag out the “new guy” Paul. It was his first time on a dirt bike in over 15 years. Took a while to get the ol’ 2 stroker running but once we did we couldn’t get him off that thing. Good times for sure!


Classes were:
Ladies: open to all bikes
Mini bikes up to 100cc
Vintage MX pre 74
Modern MX 1980+
Open Twins
Bomber 75-80 and dual sport

For More info visit

Here are the pics we managed to snag with a couple from our bud Preston Burroughs.

IMG_5809IMG_5835 IMG_5818IMG_5800IMG_5807IMG_5804IMG_5794IMG_5796IMG_5792IMG_5810IMG_5791IMG_5799

Bikes Event LIfestyle photo

The 1 Moto Show 2015

We made it back up to Portland for The 1 Moto Show 2015. Portland is a great city with lots of awesome places to eat and hang with friends. This year the event was held in a old naval manufacturing plant from back in the day. Complete with a Steam Hammer this place screamed industrial and made for a great addition to all the high quality bike builds.

We were invited to bring the Jackrabbit Scrambler to the show and of course had to get her dirty with some local Portland mud. Found an open field behind the hotel and ripped her up proper! Rode across the Burnside bridge and thru the town straight to the show.

Here are some pictures from the weekend, enjoy!

Pics by @nevermoore & @seandel

Event photo

Hell On Wheels Halloweenish Hillclimb 2014

jackrabbit-logoThis years HOW Hillclimb was a blast as expected! As normal its was a run what you brung, one at time, timed run, short course finishing with a run at the hill. We took our Harley Scrambler the “The Jackrabbit” out for a go. The Jackrabbit is equipped with Burly Brand Scrambler bars, 15″ Stiletto Shocks, MX Style Pegs and Fork Preload Adjusters. Check out the photos below to see how we did.

IMG_5367 IMG_5368 IMG_5381 IMG_5398 IMG_5404 IMG_5406 IMG_5408 IMG_5411 IMG_5438 IMG_5439 IMG_5440 IMG_5699 IMG_5721 IMG_5762 IMG_5809 IMG_5838 IMG_5878

Event photo

Hell On Wheels Hot August Nights

Hell On Wheels MC held a Hot August Nights FLAT TRACK event in Perris, CA. There were some unofficial classes and a make shift mx/dirt track race. Most riders are without hot-shoes and proper gear but that didn’t hold anyone back. Everyone had a great time with plenty of classes to choose from.

Mini bike – Pull start.
Mini bike – Kick start.
Brakeless class – Yes that’s right bikes with no brakes!
Open Twins – 4 stroke Twins
Bomber – 4 stroke, Single cylinder
Modern – 1980 to present 4 stroke motorcycles
Vintage 2 Stroke – 2 stroke motorcycles up to 1974
Smoker – 2 stroke motorcycles up 1974-1980
Modern – 2 Stroke. 1980 to present 2 stroke motorcycles
Hell on Wheels Whiskey Challenge – Run whatcha brung, non flat track bikes only!
Hell on Wheels Pro Cup – Run whatcha brung, flat track bikes only!

If you haven’t been to a HOW race by now you are missing out!

IMG_2752 IMG_2728 IMG_2644 IMG_2616 IMG_2613 IMG_2607 IMG_2602 IMG_2599 IMG_2595

Event photo

Burly Brand at the Born Free Show

This years Born Free Show was great. Lot’s of familiar and new faces along with some of the best bikes in the United States. This show is not to be missed but if you did here are some pics. Enjoy!