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Hot Bike – Burly Brand Jail Bar and Cable Kit Install

Robert Martin from Hot Bike recently swung by the Burly Brand compound with his 2013 H-D 883 Iron Sportster to get some handlebar love. Already sporting our Two-Up Brat Seat and Tall Sissy Bar, a set of 10″ Black Jail Bars and a height appropriate T-Bar Cable Kit would finish dialing in Robert’s club style ripper. The install and look was also finished off with some quality Mirrors and Grips from Performance Machine.

Robert took the time to document the whole process step by step for any potential garage builders looking to take on this feat and are currently on the overwhelmed side thinking of all that the project entails. While not the quickest set of parts to install on your bike, we hope Robert and ourselves have streamlined the process a bit and we tried to give some helpful tips you wont find in your H-D manual! Check out the write-up on Hot Bike Web here.

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Sissy Bar, Fork Pre-Load Adjuster and Slammer Kit Install

Last week we installed a Short version Sissy Bar, Fork Pre-Load Adjusters and Slammer Kit on Nicole aka sportster_girl‘s Iron. Check out the photo journal below.

Sissy bar, Slammer Shocks and Fork Pre Load Adjusters.

IMG_3116First jack the back of the bike up.

IMG_3119Remove rear shocks.

IMG_3117IMG_3130 IMG_3134Remove the front two fender strut bolts.

IMG_3135Insert the front of the sissybar first.

IMG_3142Leave the rear bolts in place until the front two are snug.


Set a rag down to prevent the paint from being scratched.


IMG_3152Now you can remove the rear fender strut bolts.

IMG_3155Install supplied fender strut bolts.

IMG_3156 IMG_3166Installation of the sissybar is complete.

IMG_3218 IMG_3170Next we will install the Slammer Shocks. Remove the top bolts first to allow it to hang then lower the bike to install the bottom shock bolts.

IMG_3167Time to install the Fork Preload Adjusters. First remove the top clamp to gain access to the fork caps.

IMG_3182Make goofy face and have a good time!

IMG_3184IMG_3185Loosen the triple clamp pinch bolt before removing stock fork cap.

IMG_3189Jack the front of the bike up to reduce fork cap pressure.

IMG_3192Watch out, the fork caps are still under pressure and tend to jump out!

IMG_3199Might need to cut your existing spacer to allow access for the Burly Brand Fork Preload Adjusters.

IMG_3205Supplied Fork Cap tool allows the Adjuster to be installed without any marks. IMG_3211IMG_3216

Set the preload evenly to a desired position.

IMG_3221And whala its done!


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Moto Lady installs a Slammer Kit on a Sportster

Recently we had the Moto Lady visit our facility and spin a few wrenches. She did an installation video with a Slammer Kit on a early model Sportster. The shoot went smooth and really does show how easy and painless the installation is. Here is a link to the video on YouTube: Stay tuned for more videos soon!

Moto Lady - Slammer Kit Install

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BURLY BRAND – Rubber Mount Cafe Sportster Build

We picked up a 2007 XL 1200 with a ton of miles and a fresh top end for a great price from our buddies at Pomona Valley Harley a couple weeks back. It was a one owner woman owned with over 40,000 miles.

Got it home and put together a parts list for Cafe Sportster parts we currently offer. (Burly Brand). I also reached out to Shane at Chainsikle for a set of his rear sets and have a few undecided parts to chase down.

Here’s the list so far:
Burly Brand Cafe Tail Section for Rubber Mount Sportsters (2004+)
Burly Brand 15″ Stiletto Shocks
Burly Brand 1″ Clubman Bars
Burly Brand Clubman Cable Kit
Burly Brand MX Style Pegs
Chainsikle Rear Sets

Undecided Parts
18″ Rear wheel
Front Fairing

Managed to steal a prototype Cafe Tail Section from the engineering dept. Here are a couple pics!

Burly tail section comes with everything you need to mount up. Also as an option for the ’07 & ’08 models with a special ECM mounting bracket.

So far so good. If only the powers of osmosis would kick in this build would be done by now. Next will be to strip her down, cut her up and mount some parts.


Jim and I had some free time last Friday and busted a bunch of the major stuff out of the way.

15″ Stiletto Shocks give the bike perfect Cafe geometry!

Time to cut her up!

Roland Sands Design Fork Brace

Installed and internally wired our 1″ Chrome Clubman Bars with our Clubman Cable Kit.

Roland Sands Design hooked us up with some cool Chrome covers.

Performance Machine Renthal wrapped grips.

Cheapy little fairing from eBay looks great with the dual gauges.

Next will be to install the new Rubber Mount Cafe Tail Section, rear sets and exhaust. Stay tuned!

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Burly Brand Stiletto Shocks – Custom Painted Bottom Springs

Burly Brand Stiletto Shocks come stock with Red Bottom Springs. In this video we demonstrate how to remove the bottom springs for paint or powder coat.