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Born Free 9

Well, we successfully made it through another year of Born Free! We brought back all of our bike builds and wood wall displays, this year showcasing our new products that were once prototypes at BF8 like our Fairings, some new pegs, and LED lighting. We had a very healthy turnout with lots of audience participation between our Handlebar fit station (fitster), and our spin the wheel game where people could win stickers, make a pin at our pin station, win a tshirt, or receive a raffle ticket. Also new to this year was our first $60 peg sale which caught lots of interest (for good reason!) We can’t wait to see what we come up with for next year!

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2007 FLHX Dirt Bagger

           Based off an 07 Harley-Davidson Street Glide, we set out to create something to the best of their knowledge, hadn’t been done before: an MX-Style Bagger Build. Already sporting a selection of “off-road MX-style” pegs that fit Sportster and Dyna models, the next product to make it’s way down the chute for us had to be something for the HD Touring models, thus leading to the MX-Style Floorboards.

     With the MX Floorboards molding the shape for the build, we took the rest of the bike in a flat track direction with a variety of our own parts including 13” Bagger Bars and an accompanying cable kit, a prototype headlight grill, the aforementioned floor boards and a prototype shift and brake lever. Other parts included on the build are: dual 19” Performance Machine wheels and components, Dunlop flat track tires, a Mustang seat, a one-off exhaust and fuel-pak from Vance & Hines, and a killer paint scheme by “Paint by Smokey” to tie it all together!

     Once we got the bike dialed in, the next step could only be taking it to the track to get it sideways and prove it’s not just SHOW but also GO! The one and only Jimmy Burnouts was the man for the job after winning at Costa Mesa Speedway Harley Night on his Street Glide with street tires. This is a guy that knows his way around a performance based Bagger after all!

     With that, the Dirt Bagger was taken to Milestone MX first for some glamour shots and then later is when the fun began. Jimmy showed up with all his MX gear ready but there was one problem; the track was not paved because the tractor broke the week before. The wind was howling and it all seemed like it was going down hill fast until the biggest rocks were removed by hand and Jimmy started doing some test runs. As it turns out, with Mr. Burnouts’ high level of skill and handling, the uneven terrain was just good enough to slide around. To make it even better, the track’s conditions made for some KILLER photos and video! After what had to be more than 40 laps around that crazy track the day came to a close and both Jimmy and for the most part the Bagger, left unscathed.

     While most people’s jaws would drop to the floor at the mere idea of taking a $20k+ bike (let alone a Street Glide) onto a dirt track, pushing the envelope and going against the grain has always been the Burly Brand way.

     What’s next for the Dirt Bagger? Probably Jimmy doing what he does best which is taking it to the street to see what it can REALLY do!

Full Specifications (stock H-D if not noted):

Year/Make/Model: 2007/Harley-Davidson/FLHX

Fabrication: Jim Hogg

ASSEMBLY: Jim Hogg/Scotty Speed Metal

Build Time 3 months


Year/Manufacturer: 2007/HD

Type/size: Twin Cam/ 96ci

Builder: Vance and Hines




Rocker Boxes: Roland Sands Design


Air Cleaner: Burly Brand

Exhaust: Vance and Hines Comp Pipe

Special Features: Filet Cut exhaust





Primary Drive   


Year/Manufacturer      2007




Manufacturer Front: Progressive Suspension Monotube Cartridge Kit

Length: Standard

Triple Trees

Manufacturer Rear 13” Burly Brand Stiletto Shocks (prototype)

Wheels, Tires, and Brakes

Manufacturer Front-Type: Performance Machine Heathen in a Black-Ops finish  

Wheel Height-Width: 19×3.0” front

Caliper: PM 6 Piston front

Rotor: 13” PM Heathen Disc

Manufacturer: Rear PM Heathen Black-Ops

Wheel Height-Width: 18×3.5” rear

Caliper 4 Piston PM Caliper

Rotor 11.5” PM Heathen Disc


Color: Cocaine White

Painter: Paint by Smokey

Graphics: XR Style


Front Fender

Rear Fender

Fairing/Windscreen: Memphis Shades Dark Black Spoiler


Gas Tank/Cap


Oil Tank

Handlebars: 13” Burly Brand Bagger Bars with Cable Kit

Hand Controls/Grips: Performance Machine

Foot Controls/Pegs: Burly Brand’s NEW MX Floorboards and MX Floorboard Levers!

Headlight: Burly Brand MX Grill Headlight Grill concept


Turn Signals

License Mount

Seat: Mustang Seats Tripper Fastback


Saddlebag Latches

Speakers: Hogtunes

Head Unit

Amp: Hogtunes

Misc: Hogtunes Bluetooth





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New Product Alert! Voyager Luggage Line

For riders on the go looking for more stylish utilitarian luggage options, the Voyager Luggage Line has arrived. Finding storage on motorcycles has often been attributed to giant packs with bungees attached every which way; minimize the stress involved with trying to find room for riding essentials with our Detachable Saddlebag(s), Tool Roll, Roll Top Backpack, Tank/Tail Bag and Magnetic Map Tank Screen. Bare the elements with rugged 500gsm wet waxed UV treated cotton canvas construction and leather paneling/straps that will age and show character over time. Each item features high quality “moto centric” speed buckles and zippers with metal Burly Brand embossed button snaps and accents as well as an “Anti-Flail Snap System” (on all zipper pulls and strap ends).


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Out and about with Rusty Butcher

We met up with Mark (the founder of Rusty Butcher) out on his secret proving grounds for a fun day in the dirt. We didn’t know what to expect but guessed we’d probably see him huck his Sportster in the sky a few dozen times. Well we were not disappointed, he threw that thing into the air more times than we could count. He uses our Stiletto Shocks, MX Pegs, Fork Preload Adjusters, Seat and Bars.

AM0A8502AM0A8270 AM0A8872

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The 1 Moto Show 2015

We made it back up to Portland for The 1 Moto Show 2015. Portland is a great city with lots of awesome places to eat and hang with friends. This year the event was held in a old naval manufacturing plant from back in the day. Complete with a Steam Hammer this place screamed industrial and made for a great addition to all the high quality bike builds.

We were invited to bring the Jackrabbit Scrambler to the show and of course had to get her dirty with some local Portland mud. Found an open field behind the hotel and ripped her up proper! Rode across the Burnside bridge and thru the town straight to the show.

Here are some pictures from the weekend, enjoy!

Pics by @nevermoore & @seandel

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Hottie Friday – Nicole aka @sportster_girl

We recently had the pleasure of meeting Nicole aka @sportster_girl. A spunky go getter with a cool 2013 Iron beggin’ for some attention. We hooked her up with a Sissy Bar, Slammer Shocks and Fork Preload Adjusters. Boy oh boy did the bike come to life! Here are some of the top picks from the day. Enjoy!


sportster girl-1 sportster girl-2 sportster girl-3 sportster girl-4 sportster girl-5 sportster girl-6 sportster girl-7 sportster girl-8

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RSD x P16 Open House

Last Friday was the official RSDPowerplant Grand Opening of their new retail shop on Melrose Ave. in Los Angeles, CA. Great shop with plenty of floor space and a cool patio out back. Styles from Yaniv and Roland are evident at every turn, from the great furniture and wide eclectic collection of random parts sprinkled throughout. Check out their new shop in the photos below. rsd-x-p16-open-house-16rsd-x-p16-open-house-1 rsd-x-p16-open-house-2 rsd-x-p16-open-house-3 rsd-x-p16-open-house-4 rsd-x-p16-open-house-7 rsd-x-p16-open-house-8 rsd-x-p16-open-house-9 rsd-x-p16-open-house-10 rsd-x-p16-open-house-11 rsd-x-p16-open-house-12 rsd-x-p16-open-house-13

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Visit to Animal Boat – Japan

Daisuke and crew have a great shop in Higashi-Komagata, Tokyo; mostly focusing on the Café Racer style. They are the real deal, hand building most of their custom parts. Primarily working and customizing vintage Hondas they also dabble into vintage Harleys. Check out the shop in the photos below.

IMG_4049IMG_3986 IMG_3989 IMG_3987 IMG_3990 IMG_3993 IMG_4000 IMG_3998 IMG_4003 IMG_4011 IMG_4016 IMG_4020 IMG_4022 IMG_4023 IMG_4026 IMG_4024 IMG_4027 IMG_4032 IMG_4035 IMG_4036 IMG_4040

IMG_4041 IMG_4044 IMG_4042 IMG_4045



Santa likes Ape Hangers too!

Christmas is here and we expect Santa will be making his rounds tonight. Looks like he’s enjoying himself on his Ape Hangers! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from us at Burly Brand!!


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The Strange, Mysterious and Awesome Zzyzx Rd. Exit

downloadIf you’ve ever driven I-15 between Las Vegas and Los Angeles, you’ve probably noticed the exit for Zzyzx Rd. You’ve probably asked yourself what the heck is up with that name? And what the heck is down that road anyway?

From the I-15 exit, Zzyzx Road goes south. For six miles passing along a dried up soda lake bed, which was used for soda mining from 1907?–?1912. The stretch of hot desert coated with salt gives it a real Bonneville style feel. It’s a weird place, and turns out it actually used to be a spa. In 1944, a crazy evangelist dreamt up the concept and the Zzyzx Mineral Springs Resort opened on the land. The owner of the resort named it Zzyzx and came up with the slogan “the last word in health” to guarantee his spa would appear last in any alphabetical listing. Crazy genius…

For years the resort was a happening place, and then the gov’t shut it down after the evangelist tried to sell parcels of land. Today it serves as a Desert Studies Center for California State University. There are makeshift streets with whimsical names like Boulevard of Dreams that criss-cross the area. A number of buildings, which were undoubtedly the resort suites back in the day, now serve as dormitories / apartments for students, staff and employees. There is a natural spring here, which is surrounded by palmtrees and cattails and a family of ducks lives in the spring.

For a small, isolated place in the California desert, it’s pretty cool to check out once!

IMG_9268 IMG_9270 IMG_9281 IMG_9283 IMG_9285 IMG_9286 IMG_9289 IMG_9290


Biltwell Gringo Helmet

Being in the industry has it’s perks. We love the guys at Biltwell for always hooking us up! Got the girlfriend a new lid and some goodies for me!

Thank you Biltwell Inc. for making some of the coolest parts and accessories in the market!! -Sean D. (Burly Brand Marketing Dept. )902014_10152449138038636_1093141562_o

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Wet Hot Summer Van Show

IMG_9487-2Last Saturday was “The Wet Hot Summer Van Show. Vans, bikes, beers and babes! Sonny Boy was there pinnin’ it up, the Vandelero’s were in effect along with the Cali Street Van guys representing. The Shrine ripped it up, along with DJ’s Magdadeth and Jimmy James. Check out the pictures

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BA Moto Mini Bike Races

burlyblogcoverEvery month the guys in the BA Moto Club throw a cool little mini bike race in which they transform their parking lot into a Mini GP Race Course. Complete with launch ramp, obstacles made up of tires and questionable reading material all while being nailed by water balloons and garden hoses. Two of our riders took home 2nd and 3rd place! Here are the

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Born Free 5 Invited Builder Video Series: Jeff Leighton

Love working with the guys from Born Free and helping out when we can. Had the opportunity to interview Jeff Leighton and Frank Kaisler regarding the bike and how they knew each other. Couldn’t get it all in 5 mins but just enough time to tell the story. Check out the other BF5 videos on Chop Cult now! Can’t wait for the show this Saturday, see ya there!

Born-Free 5 Builder Series-Jeff Leighton from Born-Free on Vimeo.

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El Diablo Run 2013


El Diablo Run 2013 was the first year we sponsored and participated in the run. We took off from the office packed down and ready to go Thursday early morning and caught up with the group in Calexico before crossing. The ride to Calexico was hot and seemed like riding straight into a hair dryer. As we approached San Felipe the weather cooled off and the breeze were in our knees and tacos on our minds. We pulled up to camp and found ourselves a cool spread with our buddy Phil and unwound with a beer in one hand and tacos de pescado in the other.

The next day we headed out to town on the bikes for some supplies and site seeing to kill time before the events started. The barrel race and slow race was super cool and exciting but everyone was really waiting around to see who would try there luck at the “circulio de muerta” (the circle of death race). As expected bikes went down, people went flying and the crowd went wild! Next up was the “Cocktagon” on the beach front. Even more excitement was in the air for this one as everyone crowded around the lines of the arena and cheered on for their favorite.

After the event everyone headed to town for dinner. We found a cool steak house everyone was talking about and sat ourselves. If you have ever been to baja you already know the service is slow like island time. It took almost 2 hours for our steaks to arrive but was worth wait. This would have definitely been the Ruth’s Chris or Morton’s of San Felipe, if there was one. After dinner it was all about having a good time and getting ready for the ride the next day to Ensenada. We were up early and had to sort a leaking front brake master. We sorted the brake just in time to fuel up and ride out with the crew and were on our way.

A few stops along the way and we were in Ensenada in no time. The ride along the way was some of the best so far. This was the riding you would expect from Mexico with farm trucks, dead road varmints and potholes to avoid. At one of the last stops along the way I opted to trailer my bike and shoot photos in the back of the chase truck our group had following. Almost as soon as I jumped in the back we hit another federal inspection spot. The federali’s were cool with us as we didn’t have any bombas or drugas!

Arriving in Ensenda it’s hard not to notice the huge flag waving in the wind setting the backdrop of the town. We pullled up at the Desert Inn and quickly found a spot to park the bikes and check into our rooms. The nightlife in Ensenda is certainly more prevalent than that of San Felipe. We were beat from the events and riding but decided to go our for a few hours and call it a night at a decent hour. We were looking forward to a bed after sleeping on the hard floor in the palapas for two nights.

The next morning we went