Hell On Wheels – Hot August Nights – Perris, CA

Hell On Wheels events are always tons of fun with good racing, crashes and even better people. There is never too many rules and nothing is really official so it’s a genuine good time! We brought out a couple race bikes and a mini bike  or two just for fun. To be honest the mini bike race was where we had the most fun!

You don’t need a flat track bike or tires, this is a Hell on Wheels event, if it’s got two wheels you can race it!

Meatball the dude behind the Hell On Wheels events is an eclectic guy who draws in all sorts of characters. It was a blast seeing all the different bikes that were brought out to race, from a pair of Indians to a crazy Knucklehead tracker and you can’t forget the goofballs on the mini’s bringing the madness! The Handshift Class was also in full effect showing what old American iron can still do. Take a look at some of the good times below.

By Sean D.

Likes to ride motorcycles, go to art shows and shoot the shiet. Beer and food go hand over hand. If I do it, I do it. Based out of Sunny South California.