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Sissy Bar, Fork Pre-Load Adjuster and Slammer Kit Install

Last week we installed a Short version Sissy Bar, Fork Pre-Load Adjusters and Slammer Kit on Nicole aka sportster_girl‘s Iron. Check out the photo journal below.

Sissy bar, Slammer Shocks and Fork Pre Load Adjusters.

IMG_3116First jack the back of the bike up.

IMG_3119Remove rear shocks.

IMG_3117IMG_3130 IMG_3134Remove the front two fender strut bolts.

IMG_3135Insert the front of the sissybar first.

IMG_3142Leave the rear bolts in place until the front two are snug.


Set a rag down to prevent the paint from being scratched.


IMG_3152Now you can remove the rear fender strut bolts.

IMG_3155Install supplied fender strut bolts.

IMG_3156 IMG_3166Installation of the sissybar is complete.

IMG_3218 IMG_3170Next we will install the Slammer Shocks. Remove the top bolts first to allow it to hang then lower the bike to install the bottom shock bolts.

IMG_3167Time to install the Fork Preload Adjusters. First remove the top clamp to gain access to the fork caps.

IMG_3182Make goofy face and have a good time!

IMG_3184IMG_3185Loosen the triple clamp pinch bolt before removing stock fork cap.

IMG_3189Jack the front of the bike up to reduce fork cap pressure.

IMG_3192Watch out, the fork caps are still under pressure and tend to jump out!

IMG_3199Might need to cut your existing spacer to allow access for the Burly Brand Fork Preload Adjusters.

IMG_3205Supplied Fork Cap tool allows the Adjuster to be installed without any marks. IMG_3211IMG_3216

Set the preload evenly to a desired position.

IMG_3221And whala its done!


By Sean D.

Likes to ride motorcycles, go to art shows and shoot the shiet. Beer and food go hand over hand. If I do it, I do it. Based out of Sunny South California.