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BA Moto Mini Bike Races

burlyblogcoverEvery month the guys in the BA Moto Club throw a cool little mini bike race in which they transform their parking lot into a Mini GP Race Course. Complete with launch ramp, obstacles made up of tires and questionable reading material all while being nailed by water balloons and garden hoses. Two of our riders took home 2nd and 3rd place! Here are the


BA Moto: Harley Scrambler

Located in sunny Long Beach, CA. BA Moto is certified by Triumph, Suzuki and Kawasaki but primarily specializes in modern and vintage Triumphs, BSAs. Recently they were asked to transform a Harley Sportster into a modern day “Scrambler”. Nate “Old Fashion” reached out to us regarding our Scrambler Bars , Stiletto Shocks and MX Style Pegs. Naturally we thought they would compliment the look and feel they desire and wanted to help! Since they are local we decided to stop by and visit them at the shop. Take a look at a few pictures we snapped on our visit and stay tuned for follow up posts as we plan to follow along the build as the bike progresses. Oh yeah and we met a guy called Giant who rode up on a killer Shovel. He dropped a buck in the BA MOTO Beer Vending Machine and we talked story about his bike for a bit. Cool people, good vibes and great bikes, our kind of shop!