2007 FXDB Snowman Dyna

We love the whole lowrider themed style paint jobs but for us this was outlaw!

Last year for Born Free 7 we debuted our “Snowman Dyna”. It featured our 12″ Jail Bars (T-Bars), T-Bar Cable Kit, MX Pegs, Mini MX Pegs, 12.5″ Stiletto Shocks and 49mm Fork Pre-Load Adjusters. We themed the bike after the Semi Truck in the Smokey and the Bandit Movie. Snowman aka Jerry Reid drove a Kenworth with in our eyes a very iconic outlaw mural orfa stagecoach robbery. We love the whole lowrider themed style paint jobs but for us this was outlaw! The bike was painted by @Waynewrecks at Adler Design and assembled by a one @ClassicJimmy. snowman-69 snowman-2 snowman-12 snowman-13 snowman-17 nevermoore-color-websized-141

LIfestyle photo

Out and about with Rusty Butcher

We met up with Mark (the founder of Rusty Butcher) out on his secret proving grounds for a fun day in the dirt. We didn’t know what to expect but guessed we’d probably see him huck his Sportster in the sky a few dozen times. Well we were not disappointed, he threw that thing into the air more times than we could count. He uses our Stiletto Shocks, MX Pegs, Fork Preload Adjusters, Seat and Bars.

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New Stuff Parts

Lifted Is The New Lowered

15" Shocks Sportster Models
15″ Shocks Sportster Models

Lifted is the new lowered and the Burly Stiletto shocks are 15″ of coil sprung sexiness! Dreampt up to give Sportys that proper Café, Scrambler or crazy post-apocalyptic look and functionality. We designed a spring to specifically deal with small stuff like road noise and the big things like pot holes ect. At the end of the day after tearing up the streets your body isn’t taxed and is ready for more!

May require modification to exhaust brackets to open up clearance for chain/belt.

Fits: XL 1986-2003

Part #: B28-1250