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Viva Burly Brand! El Diablo Run 2017

.Biltwell’s semi-annual Mexican motorcycle adventure departs from Southern CA landing in San Felipe, Mexico about 350 miles and 6 hours of riding. This year, the El Diablo Run was a little different as it didn’t stay the last night in Ensenada. No Ensenada leg made things simpler and allowed more time for relaxing on the beach, riding excursions, etc.

Yeah it was Mother’s Day but no problemo amigo we brought mamacita with us! No palapas for us this year, been there done that. We had ourselves a room at Kiki’s Camp that was remodeled and very nice, especially after sleeping in the palapas for a couple runs and using the community showers etc. We tried to crash on the beach one of the nights. The party don’t stop until 6 in the mornin’ at Ruben’s, so it was more of a nap. 

The sleepy fisherman town of San Felipe is great. We rode, we drank, we raced and had good times. There were a few hundred of us so called “bikers”. We were welcomed by the locals with pineapple drinks filled with booze.

We spotted a few bikes with our bottle opening MX Pegs, a Touring bike with a Slammer Kit and few Sportsters with Sissy Bars and the new Voyager Luggage!

There were awesome events planned from the Biltwell crew such as the Circle Of Death, Slow Races and other shenanigans we won’t mention. It was also great riding in and around San Felipe. Some folks ventured out to find 20ft cacti and hot springs. We found epic roads, beer, sunshine and fish tacos!


Check out the photo gallery below.

Sissy Bar and Voyager Luggage coming in clutch! Thomas ensuring Mamacita that her blankets would get there in one piece.
Safety meeting…
We made it
Slow Races
Waiting for an epic sunset!
No bad days in San Felipe
Circle of Death aka Circulo de la Muerte
The infamous Cocktagon Battle
Sunset cruise
Morning sunshine! Notice the dude in the middle just waking up or throwing up rather…
A-Dee-Ose ME-HE-CO

By Sean D.

Likes to ride motorcycles, go to art shows and shoot the shiet. Beer and food go hand over hand. If I do it, I do it. Based out of Sunny South California.

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